DE1000 Small Bowl

  • -Type: Decanter (continuous flow)
  • -Bowl Inside Diameter: 14" (356mm)
  • -Bowl Effective Length: 49" (1238mm)
  • -Bowl Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • -High G Maximum: 2575 G's
  • -Bowl Speed Range: up to 3600 RPM
  • -Conveyor Differential Speed Range: 1-100 RPM
  • -Standard Type: Helical - Radial
  • -Optional Type: Helical - Axial
  • -Lead Direction: Left Hand
  • -Movement Related to Bowl: Lagging
  • -Type: Two Stage - Planetary
  • -Ratio: 52:1
  • -Torque Maximum: 24,782 in lb (2800 N m)
  • -Bowl Drive: 50 HP (37 KW) Motor and VFD
  • -Conveyor Drive: 20 HP (15 KW) Motor and VFD
  • -Pump Drive: 15 HP (21 KW) VFD
  • -Control System: Intuitive color operator interface with PLC control and dedicated Operator Interface (OI) terminal

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