Air Shaker Washer

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Air Shaker Washer
Air Shaker Washer
Air Shaker Washer


Key Features
Cleans shaker screens and shaker slides
Multi-use: Cleans rig floor, mud pits
Light weight and portable
Normally used with oil base drilling
Cleaning solvent used as fluid
Air operated trigger wand
1” line for cleaning solvent
1/2” line for air
Pressure activated wand
Steel Cage
Pump and motor mounted in steel cage for safety precaution and ease of transporting.
*Based on a specific gravity of 1.0
*Comet Pump
GPM 2.1
PSI 500
RPM 3,400
15mm Pistons
5/8" Hollow shaft
1/2" FPT Inlet, 3/8" FPT Discharge
Reversible crankcase for right or left hand mounting
Air motor
Rotary vane
Cast iron
HP 1.75
Running torque @ Max pressure & RPM 38.8 pounds
Max RPM 3,000
Max air pressure 100 PSI
Hub mounting