35bbl Electric Vac

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35bbl Electric Vac
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Key Features
Able to vacuum-up wet or dry material (oil or water based mud, diesel, antifreeze, chemical spills, etc.)
Large 35 BBL capacity
Manifold – 5 valve for easy operation
Explosion Proof Control Panel
Conical shape for easy discharge / cleanout
Manway on Top and Bottom
Removable skid for ease of changing pump / electric motor
Empty Weight 4,500 lbs
Direct drive pump and motor
Eliminates the use of belts, no down time on changing broken belts.
Indicator light aluminates while in operation for added safety
Low oil switch – Shuts off pump and motor to prevent damage to pump
Overfill cut off switch – It eliminates overfilling of the vac, no down time and service calls.
Filtration cartridge for wet or dry application
Washable, reusable final filter
10 gallon Secondary Shut Off w/ deflection chute and stainless steel float ball
20 HP Marathon Model 256TTGN1026 Explosion Proof, RPM 1800, 480 volt, 3 phase, weight 410 lbs
Vacuum Pump
RPM Range 900 - 1200
Max Vacuum 27.6" - 92%
Max continuous Vacuum 18" - 60%
CFM at Free Air 363
CFM at 18" 304
Max Intermittent Pressure 21 PSI
Horsepower 20
Noise Level at 18" - 60% 84 db(A)
Oil Tank Capacity 15 qal
Net Weight 397 lbs
Recommended Oil ISO 150
1 3/8" Smooth Shaft
2 - 3" Swivel Elbows
Control Panels
Explosion Proof, Water Proof, and Lockable
Manual & Auto switch
Vacuum / PSI Gauge
Pressure Switch to automatically shut off pump at max psi or vacuum
Collection Tank
35 Barrel Capacity
20" full opening top and bottom hatch
4" Discharge