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Dedicated to Oilfield Excellence

At KSW, every detail matters. From our equipment to our personnel, the entire process is defined by quality. At the end of the day, our goal is to make your job easier. As such, we take pride in accounting for every possible variable.

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5-Star Equipment

Regardless of your job size or location, we only send out the highest-quality equipment with exceptionally-trained technicians. Our Solids Control and Surface Rental equipment are rigorously maintained to exceed industry and safety standards. Due to these strict processes, we ensure minimum downtime and maximum production out in the field. No matter what you need or when you need it, KSW is dedicated to keeping your site running without a hitch.

Expert Staff

Every member of our team has working knowledge in the field. When you call our offices, you’ll always talk to a real person with real oilfield experience. No matter who you communicate with, we guarantee expert assistance. Thanks to our strict hiring and training practices, we’re able to provide next-level service. So, instead of wasting time explaining the basics, our employees will help execute on your specific action points.

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Our Vision

KSW Oilfield Rental is committed to providing the highest-quality service and most advanced equipment for today’s oil and gas industry. By offering unmatched versatility in the field, we provide true partnership in all aspects of drilling and production. Through each and every project, we place emphasis on the smallest of details and strive to make the biggest impact.

Our Equipment

Around-the-Clock Availability

Time is money. As the ultimate oilfield partner, we don’t hold normal office hours or make our clients wait for results. Whether there’s a problem in the middle of the night or the weekend, we’ll always have an experienced technician on call to assist you. Thanks to the size and versatility of our company, we’re able to make important decisions quickly, saving you time, stress and unnecessary operation costs.

One Honest Rate With No Hidden Charges

At KSW, our day rates are transparent and include preventative, weekly maintenance as well as normal wear and tear on equipment. We’ll never charge you for equipment or services you don’t use and only bill for repairs due to gross negligence. With us, there’s no smoke, no mirrors and no petty charges. You get the best people, service and equipment with no questions asked. Plus, we provide documentation on every job, so you can track every charge and the overall savings for yourself.

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