The Dewatering Process and the KSW Advantage

August 13, 2021

The Dewatering Process and the KSW Advantage

Dewatering is the process by which solids are removed from water via chemical and mechanical means. In the solids control case, the chemical means refer to long-chain polymer flocculants and/or coagulants which are injected into a solids riddled fluid prior to entering a centrifuge. At KSW, the effectiveness of our solids removal process in ideal conditions can be as high as 99.8%.

What makes us so much more effective is the use of VFD-controlled positive displacement chemical injection pumps. Our state-of-the-art dewatering unit allows us to find the perfect balance between chemical injection for maximum flocculation and the proper mechanical settings on the decanting centrifuges. This means we can achieve the highest possible solids removal in the industry. We pride ourselves on using what is necessary to keep your drilling fluid clean. At the same time we minimize cost to the customer by reducing chemical usage and fluid lost to the mix off process. This process gives drilling operators multiple facets of cost reduction.

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