Derrick ® Flo-Line Cleaner 503

Derrick ® Flo-Line Cleaner 503

Key Features

  • 3-Panel Shale Shaker with Pyramid Screens
  • Easy-Replacement Screen Design
  • Cutting Drying Shaker for Air/Mist Drilling, OBM and/or WBM systems.
  • Style: Linear-Motion Shale Shaker
  • Screen Area: 24.9 ft2
  • Adjustment Angle: -1 to 5°
  • G-Force: 7.0 G’s
  • Maximizes Fluid Recovery
  • Reduces Waste Hauled to Disposal

Product Description

The modular design of the Flo-Line Cleaner enables it to be configured in various versatile setups, serving as a robust flow line shaker, a high-performance mud cleaner, a dual-unit on a single skid, or even as a drying shaker.

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