Derrick ® Hyperpool ® Shaker

Derrick ® Hyperpool ® Shaker

Key Features

  • 4-Panel Shale Shaker with Pyramid Screens
  • Easy-Replacement Screen Design
  • Cutting Drying Shaker for Air/Mist Drilling, OBM and/or WBM systems.
  • Additional surface area allows the machine to process a higher flow rate.
  • Style: Linear-Motion Shale Shaker
  • Screen area: 33.2 ft2
  • Adjustment Angle: 2-8°
  • G-Force: 7.3 G’s
  • Higher G-Forces Yield Dryer Cuttings.
  • Reduces Waste Hauled to Disposal.
  • Maximizes Fluid Recovery.

Product Description

With its compact footprint, industry-leading processing capacity, solids bypass prevention, and low maintenance cost, the Derrick Hyperpool Shale Shaker is designed to bring maximum value to the customer. The Hyperpool is well suited for drilling applications where drilling performance and rig modularity are required!

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